Robert S. Steinberg, Attorney, CPA

I am an attorney, CPA located in Miami, Florida who represents taxpayer’s experiencing tax difficulties, criminal or civil, or, who are fearful that a tax problem is on the horizon.  I also prepare individual income tax returns for a select group of clients because I believe it is easier to keep people out of trouble than to get them out of trouble. I have authored many articles published in national and Florida professional journals dealing with various areas of taxation, often covering tax issues arising during the divorce process or following a divorce final judgment. I have represented many clients with unreported foreign financial accounts in making Offshore Voluntary Disclosures. Visit my legal website by clicking on the link on my blog to learn more about my practice and access tax articles on many other tax subjects. I have experience in all areas of tax representation and planning including U.S. Tax Court, IRS criminal investigations, Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Initiative (OVDI), 2014 OVDP, Streamlined Filing Compliance Procedure, Grand Jury investigations, IRS audits including eggshell audits, IRS appeals, Collection Due Process Hearings, Offers in Compromise, Innocent Spouse, IRS Installment Agreements and tax liens, responding to IRS notices, inbound planning for soon-to-be U.S. residents and preparing complex individual tax returns for U.S. Citizens and residents, NRAs and U.S. citizens living abroad. The hiring of a lawyer is a serious matter which should be undertaken after a thorough review of the lawyer’s qualifications, character and experience relative to your legal problem.  The comments posted to this blog are not intended as legal advice but are for general information.  No tax decision should be made or action implemented based on general legal information offered on a website or blog because tax problems are complex and fact specific.  Thus, well-considered action requires a complete analysis of both tax law and the particular facts involved. Caution: tax problems that appear to a non-lawyer to be similar may turn out to be very different factually from anecdotal postings on website blogs.  Caveat: Blog entries are not legal advice.  Commenting on a blog entry does not create an attorney-client relationship.  Including personal information in a comment or question may result in the waiver of important Fifth Amendment and attorney-client communication privileges that protect one from self-incrimination.  Seeking advice from a lawyer should be accomplished by calling the lawyer’s office for an appointment to meet or speak on the telephone about retaining the lawyer as counsel. The image above reflects my approach to tax planning representation and preparation: tax ideas should germinate and grow, not wild as weeds sprouting randomly and causing untold problems, but  with order,  following careful consideration, and should lead always to a tax structure, defense or return that is factually true, legally sound and meritorious. This approach is the path to a healthy tax posture that legitimately minimizes taxes but avoids falsities and frivolous tax return positions that bring only negative and financially harmful consequences. WEBSITE: HTTP://WWW.STEINBERGTAXLAW.COM

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